• 100 PAGE Composition book
  • 1/2 inch to 1 inch binder for hand outs
  • Scientific calculator: purchase something close to the TI 30Xa if you do not already have one
  • pencils, pens, extra paper
  • $20 fee
  • 100 PAGE Composition book for labs
  • Binder for hand outs and notes
  • Scientific calculator: purchase something close to the TI 30Xa if you do not already have one
  • pencils, pens, graph paper
Happy Monday, March 23! Please go to the teams page from this point on for all assignments. However, we are having technical difficultues today so I have posted your weekly assignments on this website for now. Good luck, virtual Chemists!

STAY SAFE and HEALTHY while we all wait out the COVID-19 health crisis.
That being said, if you never made up a quiz in Honors Chemistry, please email me. The zero is in place.
Also, for AP, any zero you have is because I never received it from you. Please contact me.

DUE AFTER SPRING BREAK!! Mon (B, 3/16) and Tues (A, 3/17):
AP Chem: HW Problems Lecture 15
HCHEM: Problem Set online due next class

DUE Thurs (B, 3/5) and FRI (A, 3/6):
AP Chem: HW problems
HCHEM: grams to moles to particles and everything else on my website

DUE Tues (B, 3/3) and WED (A, 3/4):
AP CHEM: Read Chapter 14:1 - 14:4. Make sure you can do examples in the book.
HEHCM: Percent composition worksheet

DUE Fri (B, 2/28) and Mon (A, 3/2)
AP CHEM: Test on Chapter 13 Kinetics
HCHEM: Grams to moles and moles to grams worksheet

DUE WED (B, 2/26) and Thurs (A, A, 2/27):
HCHEM: Do molar mass HW

DUE MON (B, 2/24) and Tues (B, 2/25):
AP CHEM: HW packet graded
HCHEM: Quiz on covalent

DUE THURS (B, 2/20) and FRI (A, 2/21)
AP Chem: Iodine Clock write up
HCHEM: IMF worksheet

DUE TUES (B, 2/18) and WED (A, 2/19):
AP CHEM: Lecture 35 except #2,5,9,13
HCHEM: Read p. 392-395 in Active Chemistry. Vocab words in notes

DUE THURS and FRI (Ba  and A, 2/13 and 2/14)
AP Chem: Lecture 34: 8,9,10,12,13
HCHEM: Lab set up

DUE TUES (B, 2/11) and WED (A, 2/12):
AP Chem: AP Chem solutions Lecture 34 , #1-6 on my website (pages 1 and 2)
HCHEM: Lewis Dot worksheet on back of packet

DUE FRI (B, 2/7) and Mon (A, 2/10):
AP Chem: CHemmy Bear Rate Law worksheet on my website
HCHEM: No homework

DUE WEd (B, 2/5) and Thurs (A, 2/6):
AP CHEM: Lab write up; Read about Kinetics, 13.1-13.2
HCHEM: Covalent naming and writing worksheet

DUE MON (B, 2/3) and Tues (A, 2/4):
AP CHEM: Test on Thermo
HCHEM: Quiz on Ionic formula writing

DUE THURS (B, 1/30) and Friday (A, 1/31):
AP CHEM: HW on ENtropy
HCHEM: Memorize ions; Polyatomic practice

DUE Tues (B, 1/28) and Wed (1/29, A):
AP Chem: HW on Enthalpy
HCHEM: Ionic Naming on website

DUE FRI (B, 1/24) and Mon (A, 1/27):
AP Chem: Write up first two labs; Heat graded FRQ on AP Classroom due 1/24 at 1145 pm
HCHEM: Quiz on episode 501

DUE WED (1/22) and Thurs (A, 1/23):
AP Chem: for check: p. 264, #31-37
HCHEM: read p. 165-167 and 83 to 487 in Active Chem. Vocab in notes

DUE FRI (A, 1/10) and TUES (B, 1/21):
AP Chem: HW heat and read 6.1-6.5
HCHEM: packet worksheet on ICM

DUE Wed (B, 1/15) and Thursday (A, 1/16):
AP CHEM: Quick quiz on Stoich (timed)
HCHEM: Quick Quiz on Periodic Trends

DUE Mon (B, 1/13) and Tuesday (A, 1/14):
AP Chem: Gravimetric Lab and AP Classroom questions
HCHEM: On my website 5.3 questions

DUE Thursday (1/9, B) and Friday (1/10, A):
AP Chem: Problens on your FOCUS page. Click on link on the left. Graded interactively.
HCHEM: IE Graph 2nd chance: p. 141-142, #2-5

DUE Tuesday, B day, January 7:
AP CHEM: Stoichiometry problem set, graded. This problem set is an attached file on my website (Word document). Answers need to be put on the answer sheet (a separate file on my website). Please staple the answer sheet to your work.
HCHEM: No work over the break

DUe Wed., 12//18:
AP CHEM: Read chapter 3.8-3.10; bring things to consume that were prepared by stoiciometric techniques! HOLIDAY STOICH FEST

DUE WED (A, 12/11) and THURS (B, 12/12)
AP Chem: Take home on Unit 4
HCHEM: #24-end of review guide


DUE MON (A, 12/9) and TUES (B, 12/10):
AP Chem: read 4.4 and 4.7; do practice preview (as much as you can)
HCHEM: Quiz on electron configurations and alpha beta decay. Answer first half of review sheet (#1-23 for 10 points).

DUE FRI (B, 12/6):
AP Chem: Read 4.3, finish lab activity in lab book. Do p. 161: 29,30,32,34
HCHEM: Read ACTIVE Chemistry, p. 176-183, vocab in textbook.

DUE WED (B, 12/4) and THURS (A, 12/5):
AP CHEM: Read 4.1-4.2: HW for check, p. 161: #8-12,18-24
HCHEM: Electron Configuration Classwork/Homework on website

DUE MON and Tues AFTER THANKSGIVING BREAK (A,B, 12/2 and 12/3):
AP CHEM: Chromatography Lab write up. SECTIONS are Title, Purpose, Materials, Procedure (in your own words), Questions (from sheet), Data Treatment (from sheet), Conclusion.
HCHEM: Science Fair Questions due for a grade. Finish graph, p. 141 and 142, #2-4. 

DUE FRI  and MON (A,B, 11/22 and 11/25)
AP Chem: Take home FRQ
HCHEM:  A DAY: Electron Configuration Classwork that becomes homework on my website, put in comp book
BDAY: start Movie assignment

DUE WED and THURS (A,B, 11/20 and 11/21):
AP CHEM: Test Unit 3
HCHEM: Read ACTIVE CHEMISTRY p. 144-148; vocab and checking up

DUE MON and TUES (A, B, 11/18 and 19):
AP CHem: Unit 3 Progress Check Mchoice and FRQ

DUE Thurs and Fri (A,B, 11/14 and 11/15):
AP Chem:: Read 7.1 -7.2; HW Conc Units I: 1,2,3, 5Hcl; HW Conc Units II: 1-4
Hchem: POGIL Electron Energy

DUE Tues and Wed (A and B, 11/12 and 11/13):
AP Chem: AP Classrroom Graded Gases
HCHEM: on my website electromagnetic and Bohr problems

DUE THURS (A, 11/7) and Fri (B, 11/9):
AP Chem: Read 4.5, 11.8-11.9, 12.1-12.4 and practice FRQ
HCHEM: Read p. 133-136 in Active Chem. Put vocab in notes and checking up, as well.

DUE TUE (A, 11/5) and Wed (B, 11/6):
AP Chem: , 11/8; HW Grahams and Daltons Laws on website due Wed
HCHEM: Test on Unit 2

DUE FRI (A, 11/1) and Monday (B, 11/4):
AP Chem: 20 mins for test; read about Graham's and Dalton's laws again
HCHEM: ISotope Pogil, if not finished.

DUE WED (A, 10/30) and Thursday (B, 10/31):
AP Chem: HW on IMF, ideal gas law and pressure

DUE Monday (A, 10/28) and Tuesday (B, 10/29):
AP Chem: Read 11.1-11.3 and CHapter 5

DUE  FRIDAY (B, 10/25):
AP CHEM: Test Unit 2

DUE TUESDAY (A, 10/22) and WED (B, 10/23):
AP CHEM: Progress Progress check Unit 2 MC and FRQ as well as graded problems on 9 and 10 if you had server problems.
HCHEM: MOLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DUE MON (B, 10/21):
AP Chem: Graded problems on Chapters 9 and 10
HCHEM: Element quiz #3

DUE THURS (A, 10/17):
HCHEM: Continue working on mole day project

DUe Wed (B day, 10/16):

Due Tues (A, 10/15) :
HCHEM: Element Quiz #3 (except for B3 and B4 who have it on Monday, 10/21)

Due Fri (10/11) and Mon (10/14):
AP Chem: Lab due 
Hchem: Read p. 63-64 and 644-646, Vocab and checking up in notes.

DUE Wed (B, 10/9) and Thurs (B,10/10):
AP Chem: Start on Molecular Geometry Lab
HChem: Element Quiz #2

DUE Mon (A, 10/7) and Tues (B, 10/8):
AP Chem: Read 10.1-10.5, Do CB IV
HChem: Phys and Chem Classwork is for homework! Find it on my website.

DUE THURS (A, 10/3) and Fri (B, 10/4):
AP Chem: homework handout on chapter 9, CB I and II only for check.
HCHEM; Quiz on elements 1-20.

Due Tues (A, 10/1) and Wed (B, 10/2):
AP Chem: Read Chapter 9
HCHEM: Read p.36-37 and 123-126, vocab and checking up

DUe FRI (A, 9/27) and Mon (B, 9/30):
AP Chem: Unit 1 test
HCHEM: Read Active Chem p.12-15 and p. 105-106; Vocab and checking up in notes

DUE WED (A, 9/25) and THURS (B, 9/26):
AP Chem: AP Classroom Progress Preview Mc and FRQ not for grade.
HCHEM: "Active Chemistry" work in composition Book: Read and answer p. 101:#1a, 2a; Copy element definition p. 105; p. 109, read and answer 1-3 (not 3a). Read p. 113-116: copy definitions, write down the difference between Aristotle and Democritus, copy Dalton's postulates, copy the law of conservation of mass. Answer p. 116: Checking up questions.

Due Mon (A, 9/23) and Tues (B, 9/24):
AP CHEM: AP Classroom questions and 9/20 homework questions; start working on AP Personal Progress Check
HCHEM: Quest on unit 1

Due Thurs (A,  9/19) and Friday (B, 9/20):
AP CHEM: Read Chapter 8; finish front of Ch 8 packet
Hchem: "Actice Chemistry" p. 58-59, #2-5, 7 and 8

Due Tues (A, 9/ 17) and WEd (B, 9/18):
AP CHEM: Labs due
HCHEM: Density of water Lab due if finished

Due Fri (A, 9/13) and Monday (B, 9/16):
AP CHEM: AP clasroom questions, work on lab due Wednesday
HCHEM: Online Density workseet #1-7 in comp book

DUE WED (A, 9/11) and THURS (B, 9/12):
AP Chem: Read 7.7-7.9; Hand in on a separate sheet of paper: p. 111, # 42,44,46,48,50,52,54. Show all of your work for credit.
HCHEM: Sig Figs classwork and focus HW, read density sheet

DUE Tuesday, 9/10 (B DAY only):
AP CHEM: Homework for 9/10 on apclassroom, graded; Read 3.6, p. 112, #52 and 54; Read 7.4-7.6
HCHEM: Rescheduld metric quiz; sig fig worksheet

DUE FRI (A, 8/30) and Tues (9/3):
AP CHEM: Finish Chapter 1 and 2 online by late Monday night. If we do not have class on Tuesday, go ahead and finish the Mass Spec classwork.
HCHEM: Sig Figs worksheet

HCHEM: OPEN NOTES quiz on the metric conversions

DUE WED (A, 8/28) and THURS (B, 8/29):
AP CHEM: Read 3.1 - 3.5; HW for check, p. 110-111: #5,6,13,15,16,17,19,21,26,27,34
HCHEM: Metric conversion worksheet

DUE Mon (A, 8/26) and Tues (B, 8/27):
AP CHEM: Al Foil Lab due; 16 ion quiz
HCHEM: Read p. 29-30 in "Active Chemistry". Find 3 things wrong with the chart on page 29. Copy the chart on page 30 in your notes.

DUE THURS (A, 8/22) and FRI (B, 8/23):
AP Chem: Read Chapter 2.6 to end. Nomenclature worksheet
HCHEM: None...baseline

DUE TUES (A, 8/20) and WED (B, 8/21):
AP Chem: Start learning ions for quiz on 8/27; Start reading chapter 2.6-end.
HCHEM: Quiz on Equipment and Safety.

DUE FRI (A, 8-16) and Mon
(B, 8-19):
AP CHEM: Measurement homework (check); 
HCHEM: Lab Equipment and safety worksheet (check)

DUE WED (A, 8/14) and THURS (B, 8/15):
AP CHEM: Lab Safety signed, Read Chapter 1
HCHEM: Lab Safety signed, obtain school supplies


Instructor: Nancy Bodge

E-mail: bodgen@duvalschools.org

Location: New building (16), room 309, x244

Available for tutoring: Mornings (7:55 to 8:20 am), second half of Lunch and Learn, Monday Mastery after school from 330 to 5.

Schedule:  A1 and B2: Planning Periods
                  A2, A3, B3, B4: Honors Chemistry
                  B1: AP Chemistry