Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School
Syllabus Guidelines

Course Title:  Medical Careers Research III

Instructor’s Name: Dr. Davis
Darnell-Cookman Mission Statement:
To prepare students for collegiate success through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum integrated with professional medical standards emphasizing integrity, the pursuit of academic excellence, and a passion for life-long learning.

Honor Code:
Students at Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School, School of the Medical Arts will be expected to uphold the four standards of our school and place high value on intellectual rigor and academics.
Honesty – When students practice honesty, the result is fairness for everyone.
Respect – Respect is treating others as we would like to be treated. In an environment of respect, work we call our own, is our own.
Responsibility – Responsibility is the quality of being accountable for our actions and accepting the consequences of our actions.
Integrity – Integrity is a commitment to a value even when others are not present to witness it.
Enrollment at Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School requires a commitment to the honor code standards. Students are expected to acknowledge and properly credit sources. The use of material from a source without credit is considered plagarism. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that work is their own. Students should not submit the work of other students as their own. Students should not provide work to another student. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that the work submitted is their own.  
In order to prevent a student from gaining an unfair advantage, these behaviors will result in the following:
Grade of zero – all students involved will earn a zero for the work and/or referral to Dean of Discipline.
Documentation- the incident will be recorded and a parent conference will be held
Introduction and Course Description: This course is designed to help ninth grade students make a successful transition into high school, gain the skills for success in post-secondary education and setting goals for future careers in healthcare.  In this course, we will look at careers in healthcare as a guide for planning an exciting future. 
Course Outline:
Theme I :  What Medical Careers interest me?
Theme II: Choosing a Medical.
Theme III: Where would I like to be in 10 years?
Theme IV:  What steps do I need to take to reach my career goals?

Educational Materials Needed for Course: Textbook:  Marshall, Jacquelyn Rhine: Essential Skills for Health Career Success. Tinley Park, IL: The Goodheart-Willcox Company, Inc.  Bingham, Mindy, Career Choices: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum for high schools and Colleges. Santa Barbara, CA: Academic Innovations, 2003.
Possibilities: A Supplemental Anthology for Career Choices: Academic Innovations, 1999.
Paper, pens, 3 ring binder or spiral notebook, composition notebook, textbook, and workbook.

Grading Procedure: Grading will be done weekly and updated in FOCUS.  Your grade will be based on test scores (40%), quizzes (20%), classwork (10%), homework (5%), and projects(25%).
Homework/Late Work Procedure: Homework must be completed and submitted by the due date.  Late work will not be accepted unless there is an extenuating circumstance.and will only be accepted by approval from the teacher. Submission of late work without prior approval will result in a grade of zero (0).
Make-up Work Procedure: Regular attendance in each forty-five day grading period is necessary for a student to be successful in school. Missing work may be completed for all absences, including suspension. Make-up work is permitted for each day of absence. Your child may earn up to full credit for work submitted within an acceptable time frame outlined within the D.C.P.S. Student Progression Plan.
Parent/Teacher Conference Information: If you have a question about a grade, please check the FOCUS Grade Portal via One View to see teacher notes or comments. If you have questions please email the teacher. If you have questions about the academic progress of your son or daughter you may contact the Guidance Office to speak with a school counselor. You may schedule a conference by contacting the Guidance Office at 630-6805 extension 999925. Parent/teacher conferences are available after 24 hours notice. Parent/teacher conferences may not include all of your child’s teachers. Please request which teacher(s) when scheduling a conference.
Tutoring Schedule: Tutoring will be provided before school, after school, or during lunch.  Tutoring will take place in room 307 and will start promptly on scheduled dates.  Please see me for further information on tutoring dates.

Contact Information:
Phone – (904) 630-6805 
E-mail – davisa6@duvalschools.org

Please read this syllabus out loud to an adult at home.  You and your parent/guardian must sign below when you finish and return this to me.  I look forward to a wonderful year at Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School -School of the Medical Arts.

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