Students who are gifted have learning needs that go beyond what is traditionally offered in the regular classroom. The nature of their abilities, demonstrated or latent, requires differentiated learning experiences and opportunities for them to maximize their potential. This can be accomplished by offering opportunities for students to:
  1. Pursue topics of study in greater depth or to a greater level of cognitive challenge
  2. Tackle a wider range of authentic and complex academic tasks that require doing real worldwork
  3.  Advance through activities at a faster pace
  4. Develop a sense of self and the possibilities that the world has to offer

The "gifted model"  provided at Bartram Springs Elementary is a pullout resource classroom.  Pullout resource teachers incorporate seven goals  into the gifted classroom; Genius Hour, PETS and are utilized to meet the objectives for the goals. The gifted classroom also includes differentiation, choice boards, compacting and enrichment.  

Goal 1: Complexity of KnowledgeGifted Students will be able to critically examine the complexity of knowledge; the location, definition and organization of a variety of fields of knowledge. 

Goal 2: Questioning Skills:  Gifted students will be able to create, adapt and assess multifaceted questions in a variety of fields. 

Goal 3: Research Skills: Gifted students will conduct thoughtful research, use a variety of research tools and manipulate informational sources. 

Goal 4: Creative and Critical Thinking: Gifted students will be able to think creatively and critically to identify and solve real world problems. (PETS)

Goal 5: Leadership Skills: Gifted students will assume leadership roles, accept divergent views, identify leadership traits and organize groups to achieve project goals. 

Goal 6: Goal Setting: Gifted students will be able to set and achieve personal, academic and career goals. 

Goal 7: Project Based Learning: Gifted students will develop and deliver a variety of authentic products and performances that demonstrate their understanding. 

Monday–  K-1st Grade
Tuesday-3rd Grade  
Wednesday-4th Grade
Thursday- 5th Grade 
Friday- 2nd Grade

Gifted Supply List
1-1" view binder
1 pk (5-8) dividers
(students may use a previous gifted binder)
1 composition notebook (not spiral)-students may use their previous reflection log
Individual Pencil Box/Pouch which includes: colored pencils, #2 pencils, crayons
liquid hand soap

What to Bring Each Day 
· backpack/planner
pencil case
· snack
· water bottle
· lunch box/ or lunch tag
· book